Educational Holiday Gift Guide : Melissa & Doug

Educational Holiday Gift Guide : Melissa & Doug

Hey mamas! Its almost December, and if you’re anything like me you haven’t even began Christmas shopping yet! Am the only one?

Making the perfect Christmas list can be challenging. Not only do you need to come up with gifts that are from you, but the entire family wants to know what to get your little one for Christmas.

I hope that this makes things a little easier for you guys. These are all items that Jaxen already has and loves. So inhale, exhale, and get ready to shop! Lets get right to it!

Melissa & Doug Water Wow

water wow melissa and d.jpg

This is GENIUS! I mean come on every moms fear is our toddlers coloring on our new sofa, the mirrors, and the doors. Well no need to worry about that with this! You simply remove the pen, add some water, and like magic the pen adds color to the pages, but dries clear so that they can use it over and over again. This item actually taught Jaxen how to write a few letters!

Melissa & Doug Sorting Clock

I can go on and on about this toy!!! We’ve had this for practically Jaxen’s entire life. It has helped me to teach him (& reteach myself) his shapes, identify numbers, developed his fine motor skills, matching skills, and now we are working on counting by 5’s! This is a toy that I will save and possible repurchase for my next baby! LOVEEEEEEE!

Melissa & Doug Lets Play House, Dust Sweep & Mop

broom set.jpg

There is nothing a toddler loves more than being a helper! Jaxen lovesss to run and get his broom or duster and help me out around the house! I love how this teaches him the importance of cleaning up (a toddlers worst nightmare) in such a fun way!

Melissa and Doug See & Spell Learning Toy

What a fun way to get your toddler interested in spelling and reading! This puzzle set it so well designed. I love that this puzzle proves imagery to match the words! I kid you not, Jaxen has learned to spell several words with this set!

Melissa & Doug Victorian Doll Family

v family.jpg

I’m going t try to keep this one as short as possible. I really feel like there is such a stigma attached to little boys playing with dolls -but I will save that for another post! I am so obsessed with this family. This set of dolls helps every single domain of childhood development ( language, social emotional, fine motor, gross motor, cognitive.) I have used these dolls to help Jaxen manage his emotions, demonstrate how to treat others, and so much more!

Well mamas, that is it for now! Hopefully this brought you some relief! See yall next Friday!

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