Get Yo Life Together!

Get Yo Life Together!

Hey ya'll welcome back! I am finally answering the question that I get asked THE MOST by my sweet mama friends. 


If you aren't following me on Instagram (where I share a lot of my life) you may not know me as well as my friends over there do! I am a stay at home mom, part time student, part time nanny, full time blogger, & youtuber! Sharing basically my every move on social media gives you a little taste of how all over the place my schedule is. 

So, what is the key to pursuing your dreams, and dealing with life at the same time? There are two factors that keep me going. 

Scheduling & Planning

This may seem crazy, but I have a detailed schedule for when I am home with Jaxen, taped to my wall. And yes, for the most part I follow it to the T! (I'll be posting a Mommy & Me Spring Routine on my Youtube Channel so make sure to subscribe ;) ) I've learned from teaching for so many years, that children thrive when there is a routine in place, and they know what to expect next. 

I mean lets be honest, as adults don't we feel better when we know what to expect in a situation? And how all over the place does it make us feel to not know what to expect? So can you imagine a little toddlers feelings towards not having structure?

Not only does having this schedule help Jaxen, but it makes life easier for me! Instead of trying to get things done while Jaxen is awake, and then becoming frustrated when I cant get things done, I know that at 12:00 pm he will go down for a nap, and I can either study, record, or blog. It's all about time management.  

There are times in the schedule where Jaxen is able to watch or a show or play with the ipad. This is when I get dinner started. or edit my videos. I could not get anything done without my schedule!

Take Your Time Take It Easy

Honestly, I think that we are too hard on ourselves as parents. I have found that I am only stressed out when I add too much to my plate. We have take it easy, and don't be afraid to say no. My to do list never consist of more than 5 task for the day, and if things dont get done... oh well! Of course deadlines that need to be met, and dinner is a must, so those are on the top of the list, following the most important task. It may seem extra, but download an app ( I use ) and prioritize your task for the day. 


I can not stress this enough. DO WHAT YOU LOVE!! When your're doing what you love it isn't a chore. You find time to do what you love! If you find yourself struggling to keep up with something, maybe consider your motives for doing it!


I hope this helps all my parents in the place with style and graaccee!


xx Jo


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