I Know Who I Am

I Know Who I Am

Happy Monday!

It's time for a honest and open conversation. I've been struggling the last few weeks with some thoughts that aren't true. I have allowed circumstances and situations change my views on the calling on my life. I have allowed people who don't even know that they are allowing the enemy to use them, get to me.

It's so funny how quickly life reminds you that you do not have everything under control. 

Am I the only one? Can I get an amen?

I'm not sure if you can relate to this, but if you can, I want to share a little piece of hope with you that keeps my heart and mind in check.

We are chosen, not forsaken. We are who He says we are. 

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart

Jeremiah 1:5

We can not let circumstances tell us who we are. We can not allow the way others treat us to dictate how we view ourselves (this applies to Pastors, family, friends, no one is exempt.) 

Why is it so easy to throw away what we know God called us to do, or what we know he says about us? Why is it so easy to allow others actions to tell us who we are? Why do we allow our own thoughts to tell us who we are?

I don't have all the answers, but what I know to be true is God is strong in our weakness. If we had it all figured out there would be no reason to lean in close and depend on him. There would be no need to constantly remind ourselves that he has plans for us, that he knew us before we were even born. 

Know Who You Are. Know who God says you are. Know who God calls you to be. Let that dictate your every move. 

I am so happy to have this space to share with you all. I hope that this encourages you as much as this revelation has encouraged me. I am still battling these thoughts, but I am holding on to God's promises. I hope that you will too. 



It Starts With You

It Starts With You

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