Mother May I?

Mother May I?

Hello ladies! Welcome to my new series "Saturday's Are For Motherhood." Although I plan on sharing everything under the sun that pertains to us mamas, I wanted to launch this series talking about what I am currently facing. 

- The Terrific Twos (also known as Terrible Two's)

For all of my mamas with a two year old, I know you guys are and will be on the same page with me, and I hope that the tips I share here today can help you in some way. For the mamas approaching the Terrific Two's, this is your moment to mentally prepare for what is yet to come haha.

 When I think of my experience working in the two year old classroom, combined with what I am dealing with with Jaxen, there are a few tips and trips that I have seen work across the board. I have to be honest with you, this will not be easy. You will want to scream, yell, and throw in the towel ( as I want to do most of the time) but do not give up. Take a break, drink some wine, cry, yell, scream, send the baby to grandmas - but do not give up. 

Ok, now that I feel like Ive covered the intro, lets get to it.

"My toddler just wont stop throwing things."

Jaxen was possessed by the spirit of "throw everything in the room around" for a good two weeks. Although the solution to this was draining on my part, it worked. Every single time that Jaxen threw something I would send him to pick it back up. Of course 9 times out of 10, he would say no. Every single time that he told me no, I would come over to him, take him by the hand, and guide his hands down to the toy, plate, remote (whatever it was) and assist him in picking it up and putting it back. Was it tiring? YES. Did he yell, and scream, and cry? YES. Were there times that I was not consistent? YUP! But guess what? When I became consistent, I saw change. Every once in a while, like every toddler, Jaxen will test the waters, and quickly realize it was a bad decision lol.

"My toddler screams in restaurants, church, & quiet places."

Now I'm not talking about your child crying. People can suck it up lol. If your child is anything like mine, you know that I am talking about that ear drum popping scream for no apparent reason but to be loud. I introduced Jaxen to the "indoor" and "outdoor voice." YES again, it was a repetitive process, but lets just be honest - repetition is the key to success when it comes to toddlers. If Jaxen became too loud while eating out, I would say to him something like "We are inside, so we have to use our inside voice" (speaking in a soft tone.) To reinforce and give clarity, as soon as we stepped foot outside of the restaurant I'd say something like "Ok Jaxen, you can use your indoor voice now" (speaking loudly.") I would say it took about a month or more, but now when we are out all I have to say is "What voice do we use?" and Jaxen will change his tone. 

 "My toddler ignores me & just wont listen."

I'm going to be honest here, its only been about two weeks since I've been using this technique. I've seen a little change, and I know with consistency, the full change will come. Get down on their level. I find that a lot of the time I am expecting a little too much form a baby that has only been on this earth for two years. I can only imagine their little minds racing back and forth thinking about and observing everything around them. With that being said, I see results when I get down on my knees, make Jaxen look me in the face, and then tell him whatever it is that needs to be said. Is it annoying to do, again YES, but at this point I am willing to put in the extra work

"My toddler hits other children."

There was a good week where Jaxen decided he wanted to hit, mainly me. I tried everything and nothing worked, until I came up with this little saying. "Hands are for clapping (clap you hands) high-fives (give a high five) and tickling (give a tickle) NOT hitting." I probably said this 4,000 times the first week if not more. One day Jaxen picked up his hand to hit his cousin, paused, and said "Hands are for clapping, high-fives, and tickling." I could've CRIED! He still slips up here and there, but after being asked "What are hands for?" he will remind himself and keep it moving!


I hope that this was helpful to you sweet mamas! :) let me know some tricks that you use in the comments below!

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