Know Your Word

Know Your Word

"That completed the testing.The devil retreated temporarily, lying in wait for another opportunity"

Luke 4:12

Do you know your word? You may say right off the back "Yeah girl, of course I know my word!" But I mean, is it tucked away in your heart ready for use at any moment?

It should be.

The scripture above comes from the famous story where the devil tempts Jesus in the desert. Clearly we aren't exempt from his nasty tempting ways. But I love the way Jesus responds. He does not need to run to His friends for prayer (although that is definitely a good step to take.) He doesn't go off into a panic and waste time talking about how terrible His life is. He doesn't even say "Alright already, how long will I be tested for?"

He responds with the word.

What season are you in right now? Is it one that you have been tested in over and over again? Maybe the one thing that is holding you back from putting this behind you is you

-Knowing your word


-Speaking the word

Although it may seem tedious, I want to encourage you to look up scriptures that cancel out whatever it is that you're going through. The bible clearly tells us that after Jesus chased the devil off with the word of God, he (the devil) "retreated temporarily." 

temporarily: for a limited time; not permanently

That should be enough to have us digging and memorizing. Whatever it is you're going through, it's up to YOU to fight back. The devil wont give up. Fight back with the word!

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