Dealing With Rejection

Dealing With Rejection

“Some of the Jews convinced the most respected women and leading men of the town that their precious way of life was about to be destroyed. Alarmed, they turned on Paul and Barnabas and forced them to leave. Paul and Barnabas shrugged their shoulders and went on the next town, brimming with joy and the Holy Spirit, two happy disciples.”

Acts 13:50-52

Happy Monday sweet friends. I just want to say again thank you so much for all of your love and support. You guys are everything! If you haven’t already, be sure to check out my latest post “Brand New" where I let y’all in on where I’ve been, and what God has been doing in my heart the last few weeks.

Pretty long intro huh? Let’s jump right into today’s topic.

Reject: to refuse to accept, consider, submit to, take for some purpose, or use

We have all been rejected at some point in our lives. Many of us allow the fear of rejection

  • control our decision making

  • hinder us from being who we truly are

  • stop us from doing what we know we are called to do in life

  • & cripple us from chasing our dreams

After many years of battling with the fear of being rejected, I realized that I was putting too much thought into what others may think of me, and not enough thought into what God already says and thinks of me.

You see when you are deeply rooted in who God says you are, you literally do not have time to be concerned about the rejection of others.

In the scripture above, Paul and Barnabas were out preaching the word of God, and bringing peace to the Jews. They were walking in their calling, confident in who God created them to be. They were fully reliant on who God said that they were.

But the haters wouldn’t let them be great. A group of Jews worked up a plan to get Paul and Barnabas kicked out of town, and it worked. Within days, Paul and Barnabas went from being loved and cherished to kicked to the curve and treated like garbage.

If I were Paul or Barnabas that may have been extremely discouraging and embarrassing to me. But I love their response to being rejected.

“Paul and Barnabas shrugged their shoulders and went on the next town, brimming with joy and the Holy Spirit, two happy disciples.”

Paul and Barnabas were so content with who God created them to be that the rejection of regular degular smegular people did not shake them. It did not steal their joy. It did not cause them to question whether or not they should continue to do what they were created to do. They carried on so unbothered — and we should do the same.

Imagine what 2019 would be like for us if we took the time now to insure that we are grounded in who God says we are!!! We’d be shrugging rejection off, moving on to the next situation brimming with joy and the Holy Spirit, happy disciples.

How do you deal with rejection? Let me know in the comments below!

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