New Year, New Me

"I'm convinced that the tradition of setting New Year goals was only created to remind us of how inconsistent we all are. Now where is the fun in that? " -Jo M. 

It's that time of year again for, let's say it together " New Year, New Me."  Now I'm not going to sit here and pretend that this slogan has not left my lips the last few years. As the year comes to an end most of us can attest to the fact that the pressure to set new goals for ourselves is breathing down our backs. Goals that can only be "achieved" on January 1st and any day after that. 

It's time to end this terrible tradition. Out with that old, and in with new. 

This year I am not making a silly resolution that I won't even be striving to keep by March. If I didn't work out faithfully in 2016, a new year won't change that. If I didn't save ten million dollars, eat less burgers, and gain a six pack in 2016, the new year won't change that either. 

Why do we put these expectations on ourselves? Sitting and waiting for January first to do everything that we could've been doing anyway? I'm taking on improving my life and lifestyle one day at a time!

The secret to mastering the goals that you have set for yourself is to take baby steps and remain consistent. Let's say you want to lose weight, instead of waiting until the New Year and starving yourself by replacing every meal with a salad, start slowly today! 

Instead of waiting until the new year and depriving yourself of that handbag or cologne you've been dying to purchase, start small today. Open a savings account, and put away $20 a check and watch that account grow! 

Starting small instead of going cold turkey to honor the New Year tradition is a game changer folks.

I'm changing the game

A personal goal of mine is living fearless! I want to take more risk, and trust that if I fail or succeed God will use my victory, or loss for his and my good. Instead of me hawking over the calendar waiting to become this fierce daredevil, I've been taking steps for the last few months to achieve my goal. 

I am no longer pressuring myself to come up with a New Year resolution, just because it's a "tradition." I'm taking my life goals and setting them NOW

So, let's say GOODBYE to that useless pressure and short lived excitement, and let's be all that we can be starting today! 

If you dare to be a rule breaker, join me on this new wave. I would love to hear some of your RIGHT NOW resolutions in the comments below. 








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