Spring Into Your Passion

As we celebrate the first day of spring, we are filled with joy because we know what is ahead of us! Beautiful weather, chirping birds, and light jackets. It happens every year, leaving little room to wonder what to expect. 

I wonder if the first day of spring would be as exciting to us if we had no idea what to expect. Would we be so eager to post "First Day of Spring" photos? I think the idea of knowing whats to come, as well as the idea that we are expecting something positive gives us comfort, and a peace of mind.

It is easier to accept and be excited for the known, more challenging to be excited for the unknown.

I find that this concept really applies to the idea of springing into your passion. You see we were all born with passions embedded in our souls, but what do we do with them? I find that more often than not, the fear of the unknown stops us dead in our tracks from pursuing their passions.

If we could predict a beautiful outcome to our passions, like the arrival of Spring I am sure we would all be chasing our dreams, and posting them all over social media. So how do we learn to spring into our passions? 

I'm glad you asked!


Spring Into Your Passion 101

Make a list of your fears. When you identify what your fears are, it is easy to tackle them head on. Most of the time when I list my fears I realize that many of them have no sound basis. Once you have listed your fears you can move on to step 2!

Match your fears with scripture. Jesus is so kind to us. There are scriptures that apply to every situation that we may face. Under each fear found, find a few scriptures that crush those doubts.

Memorize, memorize, memorize. Now this is where we go to war. Every time that those fears try to attack your mind, scream those verses until the fears are silent. I promise you that those fears will slowly disappear. 

Make a business plan. Now this doesn't need to be some elaborate plan. Simply list your mission, who you want to reach, what sources you may need, & so on. As you begin to write these ideas out, more ideas will come to mind. 

Match your fears with scripture. As you make these steps towards springing into your passion, your fears may try to resurface, but you're already equipped to tackle and destroy them.

Pray, pray, pray. Before you make a move, you want to make sure that you're moving in the right direction: God's direction. The only way to know what steps to take is to speak to the one who placed the passions and desires in your heart.

Confide in someone. Now this one is very sensitive. You want to make sure that you do not share your dreams with just anyone. Find someone who is loyal, and who can hold you accountable to deadlines. It is also amazing to have someone to bounce ideas back and forth with.

Spring Into Your Passion. Step out in faith and make that move! When God gives you passions and desires he will not fail you. He will lead you and direct you. 

Now I am no expert, but I am in a season where God is pushing me to Spring into my passion. I am happy to announce that I will be coming out with a Magazine called Beautiful Encounters. You can read more about how I pushed past my fears and let God lead me through the process in one of the articles!

I will keep you guys updated as always on my journey! Thank you for following along. I pray that these tools help you to step out and spring into all that God has for you!




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