5 Things I Swore I'd Never Do As A Momma

We all know that no matter how hard we try, we have some thoughts about the things that we see people do that aren't so kind. This was definetly ME before Jax. There were so many things that I would watch parents do that  made me absoulurty cringe. I'm sure you figured by now that I do almost all of these things with Jaxen now, with no shame! And for all the future parents out there, don't judge, because in a few years or months, this may be YOU! 

1. I swore I would NEVER let Jaxen eat snacks off of the floor.  

Guys, this is something that literally would let me shiver. Now clearly I would never let Jaxen eat off of the floor outside,  but in the house... ya damn straight. Do you know how many crackers and snacks I would have to throw away if I discarded them every time they fell on the floor? The 5 second rule (or more) def applies to anything and everything we eat lol. 

2. My son will NEVER be an iPad (TV) baby. HA! 

I would look at moms out with their kids having dinner and wonder "Why aren't they just singing to their child? Or reading them a book? Little did I know the struggles that moms face trying to get out the door alone.  By the time you make it out of the house, and even maybe after dealing with a screaming baby on the way to eat, the iPad is your saving grace! 

Forget going out, when I am up and entertaining Jaxen from 7:30am and its 6:30pm and Marq is still asleep guess who's watching Sesame Place on repeat! Jaxen! Lol

3. Go more than one day without a shower

Gag and roll your eyes all you want, but I am not afraid to admit that I have gone without a shower for a few days! There are just some days that are extremely exhausting and by the time Jaxen goes to sleep, I'm passed out right next to him. A shower is the last thing on my mind lol.

4. Here's one that I thought was so gross, you may too, but hey, I like to keep it real with y'all. I SWORE I would NEVER run out the house with sneakers on and no socks. I live in a two family house, and there are about 25 steps to get into my place. So yes, if I have made it downstairs with the baby in one hand, the diaper bag in another, snacks, diapers, wipes, and toys, and I look down and I don't have on socks.... honestly, I could give to craps lol. I'm putting my shoes on and I'm out the door! 

5. I will never allow my son to be a tantrum kid.  

Who was I kidding! As a former teacher, you would think that I would've learned that "tantrums" are simply a part of a child meeting another developmental milestone, and that it is perfectly normal. But for whatever reason, I swore that MY kid would be different. No way would MY kid curse me out in baby jibberish, or yell when I say no thank you, or scream when I say it's time to say bye bye to the park. So far, Jaxen does all of the above. 

The moral of the story is, don't judge others bruh, because one day that "never would I ever" may turn into a "hell yeah that's me." 


xx Jo

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