5 Ways You Can Help End Racism

1. Don't assume you understand another races struggle

If you are not Muslim, you do not understand their experiences in America nor have you lived it out. Stop acting like you have. 

If you are not African American, you do not understand their experience in America, stop commenting like you have.

If you are not Asian, you do not understand their experience living in America, stop treating them like you have 

2. If you hear something, say something. 

Yes as Christians we are called to pray for our enemies, and called to love, but one thing Jesus also did was correct in love. Too many Christians allow things to be said in their households, amongst friends, and even in the church that they know are not right, but choose to stay silent. We can not pick which qualities we want to take on from Jesus, we should be embodying them all. INCLUDING correcting in LOVE.

3. If your joke has to do with a stereotype about another race, dig deep to see where the need to tell that joke is coming from.

I am a firm believer that the way you treat others comes from something lacking within. It is  healthy and necessary to take a step back and reflect on why we react a certain way, or find the need to say some of the things that we say.

4. We all have biases. Allowing those biases to remain in our heart is not right. 

Again, self reflection is necessary. I have sat down with friends bc the biases that I have had in my mind didn't sit right with me. A real community of friends will help you work through these thoughts so that they do not plant a seed in your heart. Self reflection is necessary. 

5. Don't tweet about it, be about it.

Make an effort to love on someone through their hard times. It's not your job to make someone see your point of view. It's not your job to kick someone while they're down. It IS your job to hear out someone who is HURTING even if their views are not in line with yours. Spending less time trying to be right, and a little more time having compassion for others is the beginning of change. 


It starts with us, in our homes, in our groups of friends, in our thoughts, in our hearts. Start with you. 

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