Summer Time Schedule

Happy Friday y'all! I have been promising you guys a post detailing Jaxen and I's daily routine for the longest!  I am so happy that I finally got around to writing this for you guys! I will have a new and revised routine once winter hits, because I obviously can't do half of the things that we do in the summer time!

So let's jump right in.

Wake and Bake

Jaxen wakes up anywhere from 8-9 am. We always spend at least 20 minutes just lounging in the bed. As soon as he wakes up he request a song. After singing for about 10 minutes, he breast feeds and then we get out of the bed.

Yum Yum Eat Em Up

Jaxen and I eat the same two options of breakfast each morning. I know, so exciting lol. We usually have oatmeal with almond milk and brown sugar, but sometimes I feel a little fancy so I whip up some eggs and bacon.  By now it's probably about 10:30.

Play Time

After breakfast, we hang around and read books, play with his toys, sing songs, or catch an episode of Sesame Place for about 30 minutes.

Get Up Now and Go Go

Now it's time to head out. A few months ago, I would stay in because Jaxen would be ready for a nap. In the last few months he has been taking one nap a day, so we head out to enjoy the day. I am blessed to have the beach in my backyard, so often times we will head there for some fun in the sun. If we aren't at the beach, we are at the park running around and having a good time. I try to stay out for at least a hour and a half. By now it's about 12:30. I either give Jax a pouch, or some breast milk, and then we head back home. 

Mama Time

We usually don't make it home without Jaxen falling asleep. This is when I sit on the boardwalk, the beach, or come back home and write. I recently have committed to publishing a post every Friday, so if that is done I will just relax.

Up and At Em'

After about a hour, maybe more, Jaxen wakes up. By now it's about 2pm. After having lunch and of course some milk, we hang out on the terrace, or inside. This is when I prep dinner, do some laundry, or clean up a bit. 

Evening Stroll

I am trying to suck up as much of summer as I possibly can. By this time it's probably about 6 or 7 and Jaxen is exhausted! But it is way too late for another nap. Taking him out to walk around the back garden, or the boardwalk helps to kill time, and keep him awake. Usually by the time we get back he is so tired that he is ready for bed.

Relax and Unwind

Jaxen has eczema, and can't have baths every night, so on the nights that he can't we just hang out with dada, watching tv, reading books, and playing until he can't take it anymore.  On nights that he does have a bath, it is like the topping on the cake. He is so tired that after a few stories he is ready for some milk and off to bed. This has been happening at about 9:30-10:00 lately. 

I truly believe that children need structure. They need to be able to know what to expect next. It gives them a sense of certainty. Just imagine how we feel as adults when we are in a situation where there is no structure, and the leader doesn't seem to really know what to do next. I know that it makes me feel anxious and upset. I can only imagine how that feels for a nonverbal little human. 

I hope that this answered your questions! If there is anything that I did not address that you would like me to, commen blow! Enjoy your weekend!



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